Intuitive Healing and Tarot!

At Endurance, we have added several new modalities to help you exercise your mind and soul in addition to your physical body! Connecting with your inner self can be very helpful in managing stress, fostering creativity and taking control of your emotions. Today, we are looking at two forms of spiritual enhancement that we have added to the studio’s offerings- intuitive healing and tarot reading.

Intuitive healing is a process that helps you connect with your intuition and use it to heal yourself. This can be done in many ways, including through meditation, visualization, and energy work. Intuitive healing can help you address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. It can also help you to gain insight into your life and make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good. One of the best ways to experience intuitive healing is through breathwork, which helps to open up spiritual energy and increase intuitive awareness. With intuitive healing, you can learn how to use your intuition to take control of your life, create positive change, and find peace and joy. 

Through intuitive healing, you can begin to tap into the power of your own spiritual energy. By connecting with this intuitive source within you, you can start to make decisions that are in alignment with what is best for you. You will be able to recognize when it’s time to take action or when it’s best to stay still. This can bring a sense of clarity and peace into your life, as well as give you the confidence to take control of your future. 

Intuitive healing is a powerful tool that can help you create positive change in your life. It can also provide insight into patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back. By learning to trust your intuition, you can begin to make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good and create lasting change. So if you’re looking for a way to heal yourself on a spiritual level, intuitive healing is something worth exploring! 

No matter what your situation may be, intuitive healing can help you gain insight, open up new possibilities, and create lasting change in your life. With intuitive healing, you can begin to trust your inner wisdom and use it to make decisions that are in alignment with what is best for you. So take a deep breath and start the journey towards intuitive healing today! 

Tarot card readings have been around for centuries, but their spiritual significance still holds strong even today. In tarot reading, a tarot deck consisting of 78 card used to gain insight into the past, present, and future. Each tarot card has its own unique meaning that can be interpreted depending on the question asked of the tarot reader.

Tarot card decks come in many different varieties, It is important to choose a tarot deck that resonates most with you and that reflects your spiritual journey.

Tarot readings can be done for almost any life questions including love, money and health. If you are looking for insight into a specific area of your life, tarot card readings can be beneficial. For example, tarot readings for love can provide guidance on how to navigate current relationships or what type of person might be the best match for you. Tarot readings for money and health can help you make decisions that will lead to financial success and improved wellbeing.

There are many benefits to tarot readings, such as gaining clarity and insight on a situation, having an accessible form of spiritual guidance, and learning more about yourself.

It is important to find a reputable tarot reader when seeking tarot readings. Make sure to do your research and ask questions before committing to a tarot session. A tarot reader should be able to provide references and explain their tarot reading process clearly.

Tarot cards can provide powerful insight into ourselves and our lives, so it’s important to approach tarot readings with respect and an open mind. With the right tarot deck and tarot reader, tarot card readings can be a transformative experience.


Pilates Teacher Training!

We are so excited to be back in the business of teaching teachers. One of our favorite things to share at Endurance is our decades of experience in studying and teaching Pilates- both Classical and Contemporary. We have taken the very best methods of teaching and training in dozens of movement and educational disciplines and applied them to Classical Pilates principles. At our studio, we emphasize that teachers of the Pilates Method must learn Classical Pilates in order to teach any form of Pilates. Similar to a musician, students and teachers must learn the Classics, the basics, the technique, before branching out into jazz or other forms of music. And, in order to be the BEST Pilates teacher possible, we ask that our teachers continue their education in Pilates and all movement forms with daily lessons, continuing education and dedication to movement practice and study!

We recently had the privilege, earlier in November, of sharing Endurance Pilates with a group of instructors interested in learning to teach Group Reformer classes! The wonderful thing about sharing our method with students and teachers is the excitement we see when practitioners find those a-ha moments! We had such a good time, the 20 hours absolutely flew by and we all learned something new. The beauty of Endurance is that we earn something new every single day as instructors, teachers and students!

If you are interested in learning to teach any movement form or just want to learn more about your movement and Classical Pilates, we invite you to join us for our next Group Mat teacher training 1/12-1/15.

Endurance Pilates-why we do Pilates the “correct” way!

A student that is progressing very quickly with a mix of classes and privates has started to attend an “Advanced” Mat class that I am teaching. Really, I am just going through the repertoire as Joseph Pilates designed. From The Hundred (NOT the hundreds, there is no s!) to The Pushup we take one exercise right after the other and yes, I do teach her The Crab- it is a fantastic exercise, learn to do it from a Classical instructor! We are still working on all of the inversions in some of the sessions, but are pretty true to the way Joseph Pilates wanted his students to perform the mat exercises in the proper order and execution with lots of hands on assistance from me! She remarked at the last session after I asked if she felt Ok with all of the corrections, “I used to hate taking from you because you would make people do the exercises correctly and I just wanted to keep doing them the way I thought they were supposed to be done as fast as I could with little attention to form. After working this way (with corrections and major tactile cueing) for a very short time, I am seeing huge results in my body.”


Advantage Classical, Authentic, Real, Romana’s, however you want to call it, we can trust the Pilates method to do the job.

At Endurance, we have worked very hard, for almost three decades, refining our knowledge of the Pilates system, studying Contemporary methods based on newly designed equipment and back to the roots- on the Gratz, with two NYC apprenticeships in Pilates- learned from the sources, through oral tradition as Joseph Pilates directed on the equipment that he designed. After spending years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, we took the best of the methods and combined them to teach the Classical system at Endurance. Our goal is to get our students to flow, one exercise to the other, assuming their knowledge of the repertoire.

When the student is ready, the workout is available! That being said, we have developed some very effective methods including tactile cueing, exercises to teach pieces of full “Advanced” exercises and ways of creating the strength and stability necessary to progress in the Pilates system. The Basic is so very important, we spend most of our life somewhere slightly in the Intermediate system, even as teachers. Normally, when a student comes in and claims to be very experienced or advanced, I know that I am in for a challenge. Some folks love it and realize what we are trying to elicit via our acute attention to form, others can be offended that the 40 person group classes they have been taking for 10 years are really choreography based on Pilates versus instruction in the Pilates method. Pilates is fantastic for the body, but can be a challenge to the ego- for all of us. I get my sorry abs handed back to me every single time I get on the Mat with one of my instructors! That is how it should be- Pilates practitioners ideally move within the Pilates ideally based on the guidance of their teachers. We have a responsibility as instructors to create an experience for our students based on the body that walks through the door.

Pilates, years to learn, a lifetime to master. The more you know, the more you know you need to know!